Commit 228198c1 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin Committed by Philippe Gorley

manager: save config after changing isAlwaysRecording

Change-Id: I7910b8a0b08910716fe0fba2a72f5caa776ed2f8
Reviewed-by: Philippe Gorley's avatarPhilippe Gorley <>
parent 099d197f
...@@ -2355,7 +2355,8 @@ Manager::getIsAlwaysRecording() const ...@@ -2355,7 +2355,8 @@ Manager::getIsAlwaysRecording() const
void void
Manager::setIsAlwaysRecording(bool isAlwaysRec) Manager::setIsAlwaysRecording(bool isAlwaysRec)
{ {
return audioPreference.setIsAlwaysRecording(isAlwaysRec); audioPreference.setIsAlwaysRecording(isAlwaysRec);
} }
bool bool
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