Commit 29a23be1 authored by Emmanuel Milou's avatar Emmanuel Milou

[TICKET #1112] Add a test on the voice buffer to send through iax packets

parent fd71857a
......@@ -248,12 +248,13 @@ IAXVoIPLink::sendAudioFromMic(void)
int maxBytesToGet, availBytesFromMic, bytesAvail, compSize;
AudioCodec *ac;
IAXCall *currentCall;
// We have to update the audio layer type in case we switched
// TODO Find out a better way to do it
IAXCall* currentCall = getIAXCall(Manager::instance().getCurrentCallId());
currentCall = getIAXCall(Manager::instance().getCurrentCallId());
if (!currentCall) {
// Let's mind our own business.
......@@ -319,7 +320,7 @@ IAXVoIPLink::sendAudioFromMic(void)
// Send it out!
// Make sure the session and the call still exists.
if (currentCall->getSession()) {
if (currentCall->getSession() && micDataEncoded != NULL) {
if (iax_send_voice(currentCall->getSession(), currentCall->getFormat(), micDataEncoded, compSize, nbSample_) == -1) {
_debug("IAX: Error sending voice data.\n");
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