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Track build instructions inside repository + update links

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Tuleap: #249
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......@@ -37,9 +37,8 @@ More information is available on the project homepage:
This source tree contains the daemon application only, DRing, that handles
the business logic of Ring. UI are located in differents repositories.
Check our client subprojects here:
the business logic of Ring. UIs are located in differents repositories. See
the Contributing section for more information.
Short description of content of source tree
......@@ -148,16 +147,18 @@ Contributing to Ring
Of course we love patches. And contributions. And spring rolls.
Development website:
Development website / Bug Tracker:
Repositories are hosted on Gerrit, which we use for code review. It also
contains the client subprojects:
Do not hesitate to join us and post comments, suggestions, questions
and general feedback on the Ring mailing-list:
Bug reports:
IRC (on #freenode):
- #ring
-- The Ring Team
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