Commit 490ed632 authored by Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez

fix C++14 usage that brokes some builds

Some builds, like OSX and Debian 8, fails to build the daemon
as a patch has recently introduced a C++14 feature, but we don't
support C++14 by default on all platforms.

This patch changes the code to require only a C++11 compiler.

Change-Id: Ib858a6abddb610b6f94cedc01945c0de92f00687
parent ddce842c
......@@ -2349,9 +2349,9 @@ RingAccount::findCertificate(const dht::InfoHash& h, std::function<void(const st
if (cb)
} else {
dht_.findCertificate(h, [cb{std::move(cb)}](const std::shared_ptr<dht::crypto::Certificate> crt) {
dht_.findCertificate(h, [cb](const std::shared_ptr<dht::crypto::Certificate>& crt) {
if (crt)
if (cb)
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