Commit 4bc6757e authored by Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez

tools: remove the 'by' in copyright header

Change-Id: I39c63f07adb9843471e56579d7651d42c69ed828
parent 975dc054
......@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@ year=`date +%Y`
# Loop and replace
for f in $FILES
sed -i "/$year/b; s/\-[0-9]\+ Savoir-[fF]aire Linux Inc/-$year Savoir-faire Linux Inc/g" $f
sed -i "/$year/b; s/ \([0-9]\+\) Savoir-[fF]aire Linux Inc/ \1-$year Savoir-faire Linux Inc/g" $f
sed -i "/$year/b; s/\-[0-9]\+ \(by \)\?Savoir-[fF]aire Linux/-$year Savoir-faire Linux/g" $f
sed -i "/$year/b; s/ \([0-9]\+\) \(by \)\?Savoir-[fF]aire Linux/ \1-$year Savoir-faire Linux/g" $f
sed -i "/$year/b; s/Savoir-[fF]aire Linux \([0-9]\+\)\-[0-9]\+/Savoir-faire Linux \1-$year/g" $f
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