Commit 4c8f3997 authored by Emmanuel Lepage Vallee's avatar Emmanuel Lepage Vallee Committed by Guillaume Roguez

build: Add a minimal build option

Refs #63263

Change-Id: I9cadc52c5e40cf7b7d1e8110def23bb6f2925c26
parent 4b0a2e13
......@@ -197,7 +197,8 @@ if [ "$#" -eq 0 ]; then # Script needs at least one command-line argument.
-v enable video support
-c use clang compiler
-a run static code analysis after build
-t run unit tests after build"
-t run unit tests after build
-m disable most optional options"
exit $E_OPTERR
......@@ -227,6 +228,10 @@ while getopts ":b: t a v c" opt; do
echo "-v is set, video support is disabled" >&2
DOPTS="--disable-video $DOPTS"
echo "-m is set, disabling dbus, video, iax, nm and pulse" >&2
DOPTS="--disable-video --without-iax --without-dbus --without-pulse --without-networkmanager $DOPTS"
echo "-c is set, clang compiler is used" >&2
export CC=clang
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