Commit 73fd983c authored by Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez Committed by Tristan Matthews

daemon: fix attendedTransfer method

Fix a regression on transfer functionality from

   commit 8df0b8a0

   "daemon: manage SIP and IAX Calls with shared pointers"
Refs #52429

Change-Id: I5e04a44583cd268a7a0148e6ce70c01dd400c759
parent a40ed792
......@@ -516,12 +516,16 @@ SIPCall::transfer(const std::string& to)
SIPCall::attendedTransfer(const std::string& /*to*/)
SIPCall::attendedTransfer(const std::string& to)
if (not inv or not inv->dlg)
const auto toCall = Manager::instance().callFactory.getCall<SIPCall>(to);
if (!toCall)
return false;
if (not toCall->inv or not toCall->inv->dlg)
return false;
pjsip_dialog *target_dlg = inv->dlg;
pjsip_dialog *target_dlg = toCall->inv->dlg;
pjsip_uri *uri = (pjsip_uri*) pjsip_uri_get_uri(target_dlg->>uri);
char str_dest_buf[PJSIP_MAX_URL_SIZE * 2] = { '<' };
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