Commit 99cd560e authored by Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez Committed by gerrit2

RingAccount: fix uninitialized class members

Set true as default value to members:

Coverity CID # 1369576

Change-Id: I38499608ee35692e96c511f08d261eea8ad9b72b
Tuleap: #909
parent 1403a9bb
......@@ -389,9 +389,10 @@ class RingAccount : public SIPAccountBase {
std::shared_future<tls::DhParams> dhParams_;
std::mutex dhParamsMtx_;
std::condition_variable dhParamsCv_;
bool allowPeersFromHistory_;
bool allowPeersFromContact_;
bool allowPeersFromTrusted_;
bool allowPeersFromHistory_ {true};
bool allowPeersFromContact_ {true};
bool allowPeersFromTrusted_ {true};
* Optional: "received" parameter from VIA header
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