Commit a538de38 authored by Philippe Gorley's avatar Philippe Gorley Committed by Adrien Béraud

video_rtp_session: prevent nullptr dereference

Also removes log message.

Change-Id: I5fc4dff440641f604f7f522d8319523715f4ef89
parent 197e3adf
......@@ -419,9 +419,8 @@ VideoRtpSession::adaptQualityAndBitrate()
//Take action only when two successive drop superior to 5% are catched...
//and when jitter is less than 1 seconds
auto pondLoss = getPonderateLoss(rtcpi.packetLoss);
JAMI_DBG("[AutoAdapt] Pondloss: %f%, last loss: %f%", pondLoss, rtcpi.packetLoss);
if(pondLoss >= 5.0f)
//JAMI_DBG("[AutoAdapt] Pondloss: %f%%, last loss: %f%%", pondLoss, rtcpi.packetLoss);
if(pondLoss >= 5.0f) {
videoBitrateInfo_.videoBitrateCurrent = videoBitrateInfo_.videoBitrateCurrent * (1.0f - rtcpi.packetLoss/200.0f);
JAMI_DBG("[AutoAdapt] pondLoss: %f%%, packet loss rate: %f%%, decrease bitrate from %d Kbps to %d Kbps, ratio %f", pondLoss, rtcpi.packetLoss, oldBitrate, videoBitrateInfo_.videoBitrateCurrent, (float) videoBitrateInfo_.videoBitrateCurrent / oldBitrate);
......@@ -434,7 +433,7 @@ VideoRtpSession::adaptQualityAndBitrate()
// If encoder no longer exist do nothing
if(sender_->setBitrate(videoBitrateInfo_.videoBitrateCurrent) == 0)
if(sender_ && sender_->setBitrate(videoBitrateInfo_.videoBitrateCurrent) == 0)
lastMediaRestart_ = now;
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