Commit a87ede8b authored by Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud Committed by Guillaume Roguez

manager: send event to client when call creation failed

Refs #63196

Change-Id: Id21a0a6bae72cfb95067c755ff4be43c99948506
parent 16dc05e6
......@@ -1708,11 +1708,11 @@ ManagerImpl::callBusy(const std::string& id)
ManagerImpl::callFailure(const std::string& call_id)
client_.getCallManager()->callStateChanged(call_id, "FAILURE");
auto call = getCallFromCallID(call_id);
if (!call) return;
client_.getCallManager()->callStateChanged(call_id, "FAILURE");
if (isCurrentCall(*call)) {
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