Commit b0223a7e authored by Anthony Léonard's avatar Anthony Léonard Committed by Andreas Traczyk

fix color channels on macOS

Incorrect condition was leading to bad pixel format conversion before
sending frames to client on macOS (BGR instead of correct RGB).

Change-Id: Ie76a488c4151d00249ed1adb5b0b02e43d2972eb
Reviewed-by: Andreas Traczyk's avatarAndreas Traczyk <>
parent 7a46d091
......@@ -343,11 +343,12 @@ SinkClient::update(Observable<std::shared_ptr<VideoFrame>>* /*obs*/,
VideoScaler scaler;
const int width = f.width();
const int height = f.height();
#if (defined(__ANDROID__) || (defined(__APPLE__)) && !defined(TARGET_OS_IPHONE))
#if defined(__ANDROID__) || (defined(__APPLE__) && !TARGET_OS_IPHONE)
const int format = VIDEO_PIXFMT_RGBA;
const int format = VIDEO_PIXFMT_BGRA;
const auto bytes = videoFrameSize(format, width, height);
if (bytes > 0) {
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