Commit dc3b36e5 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin

sipcall: DTMF over RTP is supported

pjsip supports RFC 4733 (RTP Payload for DTMF Digits)
So, DTMF over RTP is supported.

Change-Id: I982cf20a48f5919d5ee62aac13a7c9daaabd7296
GitLab: #9
parent 24a2e195
......@@ -84,14 +84,6 @@ const char* const SIPCall::LINK_TYPE = SIPAccount::ACCOUNT_TYPE;
static void
dtmfSend(SIPCall &call, char code, const std::string &dtmf)
if (dtmf == SIPAccount::OVERRTP_STR) {
RING_WARN("[call:%s] DTMF over RTP not supported yet", call.getCallId().c_str());
} else if (dtmf != SIPAccount::SIPINFO_STR) {
RING_WARN("[call:%s] Unknown DTMF type %s, defaulting to %s instead",
call.getCallId().c_str(), dtmf.c_str(), SIPAccount::SIPINFO_STR);
} // else : dtmf == SIPINFO
int duration = Manager::instance().voipPreferences.getPulseLength();
char dtmf_body[1000];
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