Commit df8a85a0 authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews

STUN: don't request addresses twice

Accidentally added in commit 3a1abc56
parent 9eceee81
......@@ -323,12 +323,6 @@ SipTransport::getSTUNAddresses(const SIPAccount &account,
std::vector<pj_sockaddr_in> result(socketDescriptors.size());
if (pjstun_get_mapped_addr(&cp_->factory, socketDescriptors.size(), &socketDescriptors[0],
&serverName, port, &serverName, port, &result[0]) != PJ_SUCCESS) {
ERROR("STUN server \"%.*s\" failed", serverName.slen, serverName.ptr);
throw std::runtime_error("Can't contact STUN server");
pj_status_t ret;
if ((ret = pjstun_get_mapped_addr(&cp_->factory, socketDescriptors.size(), &socketDescriptors[0],
&serverName, port, &serverName, port, &result[0])) != PJ_SUCCESS) {
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