Commit e4a96e79 authored by Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez

manager: fix newOutgoingCall method

Manager::newOutgoingCall() does not handle case where
a valid account is found (no prefered given) but not usable,
and many accounts are possible.
They are not tested.
This patch fixes this situation and also reduce cyclomatic
complexity by factoring the account search loop.

Change-Id: I505d082f4ca5d7756fe1f257e1767696dc41a2bf
parent 5cab4fa7
......@@ -458,6 +458,17 @@ Manager::switchCall(const std::shared_ptr<Call>& call)
template <class T>
inline std::shared_ptr<T>
Manager::findAccount(const std::function<bool(const std::shared_ptr<T>&)>& pred)
for (const auto& account : getAllAccounts<T>()) {
if (pred(account))
return account;
return {};
// Management of events' IP-phone user
......@@ -2842,42 +2853,40 @@ Manager::getAudioDriver()
Manager::newOutgoingCall(const std::string& toUrl,
const std::string& preferredAccountId)
Manager::newOutgoingCall(const std::string& toUrl, const std::string& preferredAccountId)
auto preferred = getAccount(preferredAccountId);
auto account = getAccount(preferredAccountId);
if (account and !account->isUsable()) {
RING_WARN("Prefered account is not usable for calling");
account = nullptr;
// If no prefered or not suitable account given,
// find first usable account depending on url scheme.
if (toUrl.find("ring:") != std::string::npos) {
if (preferred && preferred->getAccountType() == RingAccount::ACCOUNT_TYPE)
return preferred->newOutgoingCall(toUrl);
auto dhtAcc = getAllAccounts<RingAccount>();
for (const auto& acc : dhtAcc)
if (acc->isEnabled())
return acc->newOutgoingCall(toUrl);
// If peer url is an IP, and the preferred account is not an "IP2IP like",
// we try to find a suitable one in all SIPAccount's.
auto strippedToUrl = toUrl;
sip_utils::stripSipUriPrefix(strippedToUrl); // FIXME: have a generic version to remove sip dependency
if (IpAddr::isValid(strippedToUrl) and !preferred->isIP2IP()) {
std::shared_ptr<Account> ip2ip_acc;
for (const auto& acc : getAllAccounts<SIPAccount>())
if (acc->isEnabled() and acc->isIP2IP())
ip2ip_acc = acc;
if (!ip2ip_acc) {
RING_ERR("No suitable IP2IP account found to call '%s'", toUrl.c_str());
return nullptr;
if (!account or account->getAccountType() != RingAccount::ACCOUNT_TYPE) {
account = findAccount<RingAccount>([](const std::shared_ptr<RingAccount>& acc){
return acc->isUsable();
preferred = ip2ip_acc;
} else if (!account or account->getAccountType() != SIPAccount::ACCOUNT_TYPE) {
// For IP url restricts results on IP2IP accounts
auto strippedToUrl = toUrl;
auto only_ip = IpAddr::isValid(strippedToUrl);
account = findAccount<SIPAccount>([only_ip](const std::shared_ptr<SIPAccount>& acc) {
return acc->isUsable()
and (!only_ip or acc->isIP2IP());
// Sanity checks
if (!preferred or !preferred->isUsable()) {
RING_ERR("No suitable account found to create outgoing call");
if (!account) {
RING_ERR("No suitable account to create outgoing call");
return nullptr;
return preferred->newOutgoingCall(toUrl);
return account->newOutgoingCall(toUrl);
......@@ -1073,6 +1073,9 @@ class Manager {
void bindCallToConference(Call& call, Conference& conf);
template <class T>
std::shared_ptr<T> findAccount(const std::function<bool(const std::shared_ptr<T>&)>&);
// Helper to install a callback to be called once by the main event loop
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