Commit e905ce0c authored by Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez

ice: output IceIOQueue error as debug than error

Some errors are "normal" in usual context, so do not
alert user with big red alert...

Refs #72111

Change-Id: I27f7f0b6d1dffc8f4029484ad30c5f786f21ccbb
(cherry picked from commit 42641a7a)
parent 38863d2a
......@@ -800,7 +800,12 @@ handleIOEvents(pj_ice_strans_cfg& cfg, unsigned max_msec)
// error
if (n_events < 0) {
RING_ERR("IceIOQueue: error %d", pj_get_netos_error());
const auto err = pj_get_os_error();
char err_msg[128];
pj_strerror(err, err_msg, sizeof(err_msg));
err_msg[sizeof(err_msg)-1] = '\0';
// Kept as debug as some errors are "normal" in regular context
RING_DBG("IceIOQueue: error %d - %s", err, err_msg);
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