Commit ebb16c18 authored by Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud

trust request: implement synchronization

Change-Id: I9c054f9e3f35f973cf7df168292b9c43b896fa6d
Tuleap: #1522
parent 26ad3277
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......@@ -331,7 +331,6 @@ class RingAccount : public SIPAccountBase {
struct PendingCall;
struct PendingMessage;
struct SavedTrustRequest;
struct TrustRequest;
struct KnownDevice;
struct ArchiveContent;
......@@ -416,6 +415,8 @@ class RingAccount : public SIPAccountBase {
void onPeerMessage(const dht::InfoHash& peer_device, std::function<void(const std::shared_ptr<dht::crypto::Certificate>& crt, const dht::InfoHash& account_id)>);
void onTrustRequest(const dht::InfoHash& peer_account, const dht::InfoHash& peer_device, time_t received , bool confirm, std::vector<uint8_t>&& payload);
* Maps require port via UPnP
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