Commit f6d4ca61 authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews

* #38044: gnome: buddy list should be accessible even with notifications off

This way you can modify the buddy list without actively sending
parent b36cc003
......@@ -1649,19 +1649,7 @@ create_menus(GtkUIManager *ui, SFLPhoneClient *client)
gtk_action_set_sensitive(get_action(ui, "/MenuBar/ViewMenu/Toolbar"), FALSE);
// Should the buddy list be available?
// find at least one account with presence feature enabled
account_t * account;
gboolean global_presence_enabled = FALSE;
for (guint i = 0; i < account_list_get_size(); i++){
account = account_list_get_nth(i);
if(g_strcmp0(account_lookup(account, CONFIG_PRESENCE_ENABLED), "true") == 0)
global_presence_enabled = TRUE;
gtk_action_set_sensitive(get_action(ui, "/MenuBar/ViewMenu/Buddies"), global_presence_enabled);
gtk_action_set_sensitive(get_action(ui, "/MenuBar/ViewMenu/Buddies"), TRUE);
/* Add the loading icon at the right of the toolbar. It is used for addressbook searches. */
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