1. 02 Jan, 2019 3 commits
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  4. 28 Dec, 2018 5 commits
    • Adrien Béraud's avatar
      media: fix compilation warnings · b38b204b
      Adrien Béraud authored
      Change-Id: I17acc6e9d3c8c0db3978d09b2d3606c7d7b28904
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      video_input: fallback to default if no video · 6a36015c
      Philippe Gorley authored
      When streaming a file with no video (music, for example), fall back to
      the default device instead of cutting video altogether.
      Change-Id: I0b30abff5339a38c6e5ed6c3b65d2cf49fa9104a
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      encoder: make resolution even · db6c3ddf
      Philippe Gorley authored
      An even width/height is required by at least x264. This is especially
      for image and gif streaming, as video usually already has an even
      Change-Id: Ie660d8eb61dca48641cba89dd02e187481e3a127
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      resampler: support 5.1 audio · e1436a12
      Philippe Gorley authored
      Feeds the resampler context a matrix for downmixing 5.1 to stereo or
      mono, as libswresample doesn't generate it automatically.
      The values for the matrix are taken from the ATSC standard on AC3
      digital compression.
      Change-Id: I5711cc9481e06214d8ce02ab34c3aa69533a0856
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      resampler: detect infinite loops · bc594b5d
      Philippe Gorley authored
      Under certain conditions, the resampler reinitializes itself in an
      infinite loop. Prevent this by detecting this state and throwing an
      This is not normal behaviour and is indicative of an underlying bug.
      Change-Id: I70d58465daad12645d6bb88833e62e1232891e3b
  5. 27 Dec, 2018 8 commits
  6. 21 Dec, 2018 3 commits
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      decoder: resample with frames instead of buffers · fd93525e
      Philippe Gorley authored
      Skips unnecesary conversions by resampling a frame directly into another
      frame, then converting the output to a buffer. Plus, the resampler
      already converts sample formats, no need to manually do it with the
      AudioBuffer methods.
      Change-Id: I6163a22c6c8a00441d6b8f304ce2ee068774eb69
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      decoder: better audio stream selection · af8ec439
      Philippe Gorley authored
      When decoding files, their audio is rematrixed to mono or stereo
      depending on the negotiated format. Libswresample does not support
      rematrixing from Dolby Surround 5.1, so skip over streams with this
      layout. If the file only contains Dolby 5.1, switch back to default
      audio input device.
      Change-Id: I526e3c9b2ec92794818e74f8c369a8c8f3c41b27
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      audio: add file streaming support · 005c6ffd
      Philippe Gorley authored
      When sharing a file, its audio will also be decoded and sent. Audio and
      video are synchronized for the first loop of the file only. Further
      loops desynchronize them as the audio and video are decoded separately
      instead of with the same decoder.
      Device audio is muted while streaming. Mixing of the microphone with the
      file audio will be added in a later patch.
      Adds common audio decoders for file streaming.
      Change-Id: Id0593ce4f2d32c249eb7a9672b0091c0d6e07a00
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