1. 07 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      recorder: add preferences · 431cee5d
      Philippe Gorley authored
      Adds whether or not the local video feed should be overlaid on the
      remote video feed. Adds a quality setting for the recorder.
      Change-Id: I60bd80c6441c7d516120680bebb1acdeb3824c49
  2. 28 Jul, 2019 1 commit
  3. 24 May, 2019 2 commits
  4. 23 Apr, 2019 1 commit
  5. 02 Apr, 2019 1 commit
    • Adrien Béraud's avatar
      sources: rename to jami · 2130f067
      Adrien Béraud authored
      * rename namespace from ring to jami
      * rename logs methods from RING_* to JAMI_*
      * rename RING_VIDEO to ENABLE_VIDEO
      Change-Id: Ic98498652d7059fafe58a96220d565bcdfa53658
  6. 14 Mar, 2019 1 commit
  7. 06 Mar, 2019 1 commit
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      accel: add hardware encoding · 12932733
      Philippe Gorley authored
      Adds VAAPI and VideoToolbox hardware encoders.
      Abstracts hardware related field accesses from the encoder and decoder
      to put them in HardwareAccel. They are freed in ~HardwareAccel.
      Limits bitrate when hardware encoding h264, else it can easily go up to
      a few MiB/s.
      Change-Id: I7d847d8ab3e4c9692341f038ce6d5dd76562e606
  8. 02 Jan, 2019 1 commit
  9. 31 Dec, 2018 1 commit
  10. 19 Sep, 2018 1 commit
  11. 04 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Hugo Lefeuvre's avatar
      call management: add ringing timeout · 9a12c78a
      Hugo Lefeuvre authored
      Currently there is no timeout for received calls. If a peer is
      connected but doesn't answer a call, then this call will stay in
      RINGING state 'forever' until the calling user manually aborts
      it or peer becomes unreachable.
      This patch implements a timeout system: When a call starts ringing
      a job is scheduled in a fixed amount of time (corresponding to a new
      user preference, by default 30s) to check whether the call is still
      ringing or not. If the call is still ringing after timeout, hangup()
      is called with 486 (BUSY) state and ringing stops.
      Change-Id: I49218f5d4bdef8e4a8cee35fa6dde80f572b46c6
      Gitlab: #42
  12. 26 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  13. 31 Jan, 2018 1 commit
    • Andreas Traczyk's avatar
      coreaudio: implement audiolayer for iOS · 7fa8fc41
      Andreas Traczyk authored
      - Seperates coreaudio implementations for iOS and OS X.
      - Manages input/ouput port overrides when layer is reset via calls
        to Dring::setAudioOutputDevice in response to an audio route override
        event listened for by the iOS client.
      - TODO: use AVAudioSession API with graphs in Objective-C++, or
        optimally, in Swift in the iOS/OS X clients.
      Change-Id: I6ba34a8bdce7bedd3b9e9ca9bbcd2cc8caccf3f4
  14. 23 Jan, 2018 1 commit
  15. 08 Jun, 2017 1 commit
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      dring: expose hardware acceleration · 530ab2a9
      Philippe Gorley authored
      Adds a function in the dring API to query and set use of hardware
      acceleration. This will let clients set via GUI instead of only
      through dring.yml
      Change-Id: I94ec612398d89b960fa091c9aebabbbc5ad4acbd
  16. 02 Jun, 2017 1 commit
  17. 05 Jan, 2017 1 commit
  18. 13 Dec, 2016 1 commit
  19. 22 Nov, 2016 1 commit
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      config: wrap accel and video prefs in ifdef · 5c78be10
      Philippe Gorley authored
      Correctly wraps video preferences and hardware acceleration
      in ifdef preprocessor statements (RING_VIDEO and RING_ACCEL,
      respectively). This fixes cases where Ring would not compile without
      video or video acceleration. Video acceleration is now dependant on
      the presence of video (--disable-video disables acceleration).
      Change-Id: I087cc1dc794d0f19daa68cdaec09e126542147f9
  20. 02 Nov, 2016 1 commit
  21. 01 Nov, 2016 1 commit
    • Philippe Gorley's avatar
      hardware acceleration configuration setting · 99d138d1
      Philippe Gorley authored
      Hardware acceleration is now correctly enabled/disabled using Ring's
      config file. The setting was moved from DeviceParams/VideoSettings,
      which are used for local video, to preferences under video.
      The video preferences object calls serialize() on the video device
      preferences, so as to not overwrite one another (they're under the
      same section in the config file).
      Change-Id: I8c11ea8813dee5cc514a4fa4c1bae962a14577eb
      Tuleap: #1122
  22. 24 Aug, 2016 1 commit
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      remove dead code about ZRTP · ed58b69e
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      ZRTP is not longer supported since long now.
      Many code and API are deprecated and public API is stubbed.
      This patch removes all this dead code.
      Change-Id: Id86315ecf461deee7c81b303e19a5d4d9b5c3cc1
      Tuleap: #889
  23. 30 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      removing IAX account and libiax dependency · 36e857fc
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      This patch removes all IAX account code and libiax dependency in contrib.
      References in documentation have also been removed where needed.
      Change-Id: Ifff23725ccf7e1a6820dbc6f57256138a0fca042
      Tuleap: #813
  24. 09 Mar, 2016 1 commit
  25. 18 Jan, 2016 1 commit
  26. 21 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      update Copyright header · 5236ab05
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      - remove OpenSSL exception
      - fix Savoir-faire Linux naming
      - fix common Author: representation
      Issue: #80663
      Change-Id: I6c3b2ca1ed48ed474a0ecd5a30fe793526e11b00
  27. 07 Aug, 2015 1 commit
  28. 28 May, 2015 1 commit
    • Emmanuel Lepage Vallee's avatar
      build: Fix some GCC5.1 warnings · 4e85791e
      Emmanuel Lepage Vallee authored
      Not all warnings have been enabled, only the most
      useful ones. This fix some outstanding issues and
      try to mute most deprecated warnings in dependencies
      * Add missing "defined()" macro function
      * Undefine an improper macro
      * Disable warnings for legacy code include
      * Add missing cases for enum classes based switch
      * Add a warning for potentially dangerous code
      * Change ICE "onRecv()" prototype to return void
      * Fix an apparently accidental virtual override signature problem
      * Change a std::basic_string constructor to avoid ambiguity
      Refs #74147
      Change-Id: I1361fc5d16c63fd7590f8d68ffdb0e2588a8b635
  29. 10 Apr, 2015 1 commit
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  33. 30 Jan, 2015 1 commit
  34. 27 Jan, 2015 1 commit
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      daemon: add upnp support · 7649d5be
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      New settings in daemon preferences to use UPnP, default false.
      Currently opens ports for SIP and ip2ip accounts and their calls.
      Opens ports negotiated by SDP sesssion.
      Tries to open ports for ICE candidates and adds ICE candidates
      with the public IP to help ICE negotiation.
      Added miniupnpc to contrib and patched to be able to generate just
      a static lib.
      Supports multiple clients on the same UPnP router. Will select a
      different port at random if the desired port is already taken by
      another client.
      Refs #63247
      Refs #63303
      Change-Id: I00ae79bc3a24d3e54513a6d299fd9b6a70bcc3c2
  35. 26 Jan, 2015 1 commit
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      daemon: namespace cleanup · 09a04cd3
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      - all the code moved under the ring namespace, or a sub-namespace,
      exception of ring_api.cpp as exporting a C accessible API.
      - fixed namespaces hierarchy.
      - removed forbiden usage of using-declaration.
      Refs #64647
      Change-Id: I23fdeca1252150d490828c1ce907097f17e1d41c
  36. 09 Jan, 2015 1 commit
  37. 25 Nov, 2014 1 commit
  38. 19 Nov, 2014 1 commit
  39. 30 Oct, 2014 1 commit