Commit e9924324 authored by Emmanuel Lepage Vallée's avatar Emmanuel Lepage Vallée Committed by Guillaume Roguez

vCardCollection: Expose the ::EDIT capability

It is implemented, but the collection didn't declare it.

This allows editing some vCard before sharing them to peers
using the built-in vCard sharing over SIP feature.

Change-Id: I49e41b3a7ad4965279c6bc57c380639179cd5489
parent dba80222
......@@ -240,6 +240,7 @@ FlagPack<CollectionInterface::SupportedFeatures> FallbackPersonCollection::suppo
CollectionInterface::SupportedFeatures::CLEAR |
CollectionInterface::SupportedFeatures::MANAGEABLE |
CollectionInterface::SupportedFeatures::REMOVE |
CollectionInterface::SupportedFeatures::EDIT |
CollectionInterface::SupportedFeatures::ADD ;
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