contactmodel: don't reset presence on confirmed

Change-Id: I78cfa458d16aabe1e73223848e06ee90ccae9fc4
parent ea8140fc
......@@ -615,12 +615,15 @@ ContactModelPimpl::slotNewBuddySubscription(const QString& contactUri, bool stat
ContactModelPimpl::slotContactAdded(const QString& accountId, const QString& contactUri, bool confirmed)
if (accountId != return;
auto contact = contacts.find(contactUri);
if (contact->profileInfo.type == profile::Type::PENDING) {
emit behaviorController.trustRequestTreated(, contactUri);
} else if (contact->profileInfo.type == profile::Type::RING && !contact->isBanned && confirmed) {
// This means that the peer accepted the trust request. We don't need to re-add the contact
// a second time (and this reset the presence to false).
bool isBanned = false;
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