Commit 20dcfda8 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin

newcallmodel: do not add conference as call for unrelated accounts

Change-Id: I7eb55a57a2710347e598257259b80ee338b91408
parent 1871330d
......@@ -883,6 +883,15 @@ NewCallModel::hasCall(const QString& callId) const
NewCallModelPimpl::slotConferenceCreated(const QString& confId)
// Detect if conference is created for this account
QStringList callList = CallManager::instance().getParticipantList(confId);
auto hasConference = false;
foreach(const auto& call, callList) {
hasConference |= linked.hasCall(call);
if (!hasConference)
auto callInfo = std::make_shared<call::Info>();
callInfo->id = confId;
callInfo->status = call::Status::IN_PROGRESS;
......@@ -892,7 +901,6 @@ NewCallModelPimpl::slotConferenceCreated(const QString& confId)
for (auto& i: callInfo->participantsInfos)
i["uri"].replace("@ring.dht", "");
calls[confId] = callInfo;
QStringList callList = CallManager::instance().getParticipantList(confId);
foreach(const auto& call, callList) {
emit linked.callAddedToConference(call, confId);
// Remove call from pendingConferences_
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