Commit 3692c64e authored by Aline Gondim Santos's avatar Aline Gondim Santos Committed by Andreas Traczyk

plugin: lrc model exportation for GNU/Linux

Change-Id: I1b269e024d7882003659516d6c6c2190372d9951
parent 64540c38
......@@ -65,78 +65,78 @@ public:
* Enable/disable plugins
* @param if plugin enabled
void setPluginsEnabled(bool enable);
Q_INVOKABLE void setPluginsEnabled(bool enable);
* Get if plugins are enabled
* @return plugins enabled
bool getPluginsEnabled() const;
Q_INVOKABLE bool getPluginsEnabled() const;
* Get list of installed plugins
* @return plugins installed
VectorString listAvailablePlugins() const;
Q_INVOKABLE VectorString listAvailablePlugins() const;
* Get list of loaded plugins
* @return plugins loaded
VectorString listLoadedPlugins() const;
Q_INVOKABLE VectorString listLoadedPlugins() const;
* Get details of installed plugin
* @return plugin Details
plugin::PluginDetails getPluginDetails(const QString& path);
Q_INVOKABLE plugin::PluginDetails getPluginDetails(const QString& path);
* Install plugin
* @return plugin installed
bool installPlugin(const QString& jplPath, bool force);
Q_INVOKABLE bool installPlugin(const QString& jplPath, bool force);
* Uninstall plugin
* @return plugin uninstalled
bool uninstallPlugin(const QString& rootPath);
Q_INVOKABLE bool uninstallPlugin(const QString& rootPath);
* Load plugin
* @return plugin loaded
bool loadPlugin(const QString& path);
Q_INVOKABLE bool loadPlugin(const QString& path);
* Unload plugin
* @return plugin unloaded
bool unloadPlugin(const QString& path);
Q_INVOKABLE bool unloadPlugin(const QString& path);
* List available Media Handlers
* @return List of available Media Handlers
VectorString listCallMediaHandlers() const;
Q_INVOKABLE VectorString listCallMediaHandlers() const;
* Toggle media handler
void toggleCallMediaHandler(const QString& id);
Q_INVOKABLE void toggleCallMediaHandler(const QString& id);
* Verify if there is an active plugin media handler
* @return Map with name and status
MapStringString getCallMediaHandlerStatus();
Q_INVOKABLE MapStringString getCallMediaHandlerStatus();
* Get details of available media handler
* @return Media Handler Details
plugin::MediaHandlerDetails getCallMediaHandlerDetails(const QString& id);
Q_INVOKABLE plugin::MediaHandlerDetails getCallMediaHandlerDetails(const QString& id);
} // namespace api
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