Commit 4c74bf9d authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin

newcallmodel: remove bugguy check for holding calls

In the rendez-vous mode, all calls are in a conference, so the check
is useless and didn't work

Change-Id: I0f35ff24ba7c6981dddbcda730cb3b0d9c55161c
Gitlab: #432
parent d73b2d1f
......@@ -631,9 +631,7 @@ NewCallModel::setCurrentCall(const QString& callId) const
// Only hold calls for a non rendez-vous point
MapStringString callDetails = CallManager::instance().getCallDetails(callId);
auto accountId = callDetails["ACCOUNTID"];
MapStringString detailsMap = ConfigurationManager::instance().getAccountDetails(accountId);
if (detailsMap[DRing::Account::ConfProperties::ISRENDEZVOUS] == "FALSE")
if (!lrc::api::Lrc::holdConferences) {
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