Commit 7b04cb70 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin

filetransfer: create directory if it doesn't exists

Change-Id: I6179f70d76b18fbd90370538dcd82450adcbf754
parent c3273b2f
......@@ -2285,6 +2285,9 @@ ConversationModelPimpl::acceptTransfer(const QString& convUid, uint64_t interact
destinationDir += "/";
QDir dir = QFileInfo(destinationDir + path).absoluteDir();
if (!dir.exists())
auto acceptedFilePath = lrc.getDataTransferModel().accept(interactionId, destinationDir + path, 0);
storage::updateInteractionBody(db, interactionId, acceptedFilePath);
storage::updateInteractionStatus(db, interactionId, interaction::Status::TRANSFER_ACCEPTED);
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