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    • Sébastien Blin's avatar
      refacto: remove unused LRC models · a3d9396f
      Sébastien Blin authored
      A lot of old models is now migrated to another part of the code.
      This patch removes a lot of unused models.
      Change-Id: I245f3c793571076ae0e5f838a672e15008152470
      Gitlab: #358
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    • Sébastien Blin's avatar
      api: add new media api · a52f3203
      Sébastien Blin authored
      Migrate all media API to new models.
      Gitlab: #394
      Change-Id: Ida00feb0afefa4f0ce39091811da12097f03ba4d
      Reviewed-by: Kateryna Kostiuk<kateryna.kostiuk@savoirfairelinux.com>
  17. 02 Oct, 2018 1 commit
    • Hugo Lefeuvre's avatar
      newaccountmodel: stop using old lrc for accountsChanged signal · 6dff5ee3
      Hugo Lefeuvre authored
      Add a CallbackHandler entry for deamon signal accountsChanged.
      Add an updateAccounts() function to the NewAccountModel and connect it
      to this new signal. This function detects new accounts and account
      removals. It calls addToAccounts and removeFromAccounts (formerly
      slotAccountRemoved) when appropriate.
      Stop using registrationStateChanged signal to detect new accounts.
      Fix various race conditions and potential errors during account
      creation and removal.
      Change-Id: Id774df852e63b69658160473962ec499fc244c53
      Reviewed-by: Andreas Traczyk's avatarAndreas Traczyk <andreas.traczyk@savoirfairelinux.com>
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    • Kateryna Kostiuk's avatar
      smartlist: update info when contact not found · d4bb2483
      Kateryna Kostiuk authored
      Update temporary contact when receive lookup return.
      Note: like the "Not found" label, don't add the query to the
      "Searching…" label
      Change-Id: I4fd7dce67ee10132f4b63564d9fbd5d4acb95c30
      Reviewed-by: Sébastien Blin's avatarSebastien Blin <sebastien.blin@savoirfairelinux.com>
    • Andreas Traczyk's avatar
      newaccountmodel: adds save and load for complete account config · 53a42379
      Andreas Traczyk authored
      - adds ConfProperties structure in account::Info
      - binds accountDetailsChanged signal in ConfigurationManagaer
      - call NewAccountModel::getAccountConfig to get a copy
        of the current account details
      - call NewAccountModel::setAccountConfig with a ConfProperties
        struct as a parameter to save any configuration changes
      - enabled, alias, and username (in the case of SIP) will have
        seperate setters for now
      - device name setting can be changed using the NewDeviceModel API
      - WARNING: if the account details map won't be directly used
        to manage an account configuration detail, then the details
        should be removed from the ConfProperties_t struct and
        ConfProperties_t::toDetails and Info::fromDetails
      Change-Id: I666da2ce9750befaa358ba5319e14ecbaf2cec0d
      Reviewed-by: Sébastien Blin's avatarSebastien Blin <sebastien.blin@savoirfairelinux.com>
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    • Nicolas Jager's avatar
      CallbacksHandler : implementation · 165e9dbb
      Nicolas Jager authored
      - CallbacksHandler recieves callbacks from the daemon (through legacy
      lrc interfaces) and emits his own signals.
      - Signals from CallbacksHandler have to be use only inside LRC.
      It is not intended to connect those signals from a client.
      - Until we rely on legacy lrc, CallbacksHandler will convert Qt
      objects to STL equivalents.
      Change-Id: I1f08279e5b432b995614ffc5e2b3daceddca1065
      Reviewed-by: Guillaume Roguez's avatarGuillaume Roguez <guillaume.roguez@savoirfairelinux.com>
    • Nicolas Jager's avatar
      Add stubs and class diagram · e8dda4e6
      Nicolas Jager authored
      add stubs for :
       - Database class.
       - ConversationModel class and Conversation namespace.
       - NewCallModel class and NewCall namespace.
       - ContactModel class and Contact namespace.
       - Message namespace.
       - NewAccountModel.
       - CallbacksHandler, will be used to bind the callbacks from the daemon
         and will emit signals for lrc and client.
       - Lrc class, this class is the root class of all models. Instating this
         class will build interfaces between the daemon, client and the
       - all these class are nested in the lrc namespace.
       - all publicly exposed API have been put into lrc::api namespace
       - add diagrams in doc folder
      Change-Id: Ia06f874dd1baebb086edd570e52d8d61d73b905b
      Reviewed-by: Guillaume Roguez's avatarGuillaume Roguez <guillaume.roguez@savoirfairelinux.com>
      Signed-off-by: Guillaume Roguez's avatarGuillaume Roguez <guillaume.roguez@savoirfairelinux.com>
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  34. 31 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • aviau's avatar
      Initial Ring usernames (ethereum) implementation · 4fbcc037
      aviau authored
       - Add nameServiceURL property: This is used for name lookups.
       - Add registeredName property: This represents the currently registered
         name. A name can be registered using the registerName method.
       - Add lookupName method: This allows for looking up a name using the
         currently configured nameServiceURL for the account.
       - Add lookupAddress method: This allows for looking up an address using
         the currently configured nameService URL for the account.
       - Add nameRegistrationEnded signal: This is emitted when the
         registerName operation has completed.
       - Add registeredNameFound signal: This is emitted when lookup
         operations are completed.
       - This singleton allows for looking up usernames and addresses. It is
         used by account.cpp and it can be used for making queries without
         having an account.
      Tuleap: #684
      Change-Id: I70772d8e08a7a041c5e15429b6d149c9ff52c204
  35. 12 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • aviau's avatar
      Multi-device support · 0c4326e4
      aviau authored
      - Add properties to Account:
          * deviceId:
              The id of the current device for this account
          * archivePassword:
              The password used to encrypt the account archive
              by the daemon
          * needsMigration:
              Whether or not this account needs to be migrated
              to the new archive format.
          * archivePin:
              The pin used to import the account from the Ring.
      - Add new methods to Account:
          * exportOnRing:
              Initializes an account export operation, returns True or
              false depending on whether the transaction was initialized
              successfully or not. exportOnRingEnded is emitted on operation
      - Add a new model to Account:
            * RingDevicesModel:
                This models contains a list of known devices, their name,
                and their ID. For now, the name is just the short ID.
                Devices are added as they are discovered by the daemon.
      - Add a new method to AccountModel
         * accountsToMigrate:
             This methods returns a list of accounts that need migration. To
             the new archive format.
      Note: Migration to the new archive format is done like so:
        > account->setArchivePassword(password);
        > account->performAction(Account::EditAction::SAVE)
      - Add new signals to AccountModel:
          * knownDevicesChanged:
              emitted when the list of known Ring devices has changed.
              For example, it is emitted when the account is imported on a
              new device.
          * exportOnRingEnded:
              emitted after the operation initialized with exportOnRing has
              completed. The signal contains the status of the operation and
              the pin if the operation was a success.
      - Add new RegistrationState:
            This state is used when the account is being created or imported
            from the Ring.
      Change-Id: I6cbbdd09bc368b76fe82eb4800fd87b6fdcc0aa7
      Tuleap: #896
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