Commit 07988813 authored by Olivier SOLDANO's avatar Olivier SOLDANO Committed by Anthony Léonard

fix win_compile script

a typo slept through code review

Change-Id: I880f8b99bf7c05f01e6ef4310931fcf6e0811f67
Reviewed-by: default avatarAnthony Léonard <>
parent 69e46c62
...@@ -4,8 +4,7 @@ rootdir=$(pwd) ...@@ -4,8 +4,7 @@ rootdir=$(pwd)
HOST=i686-w64-mingw32 HOST=i686-w64-mingw32
CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=$rootdir/lrc/cmake/winBuild.cmake CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=$rootdir/lrc/cmake/winBuild.cmake
$CORES=${CORES:=`nproc --all`} echo "running compilation on ${CORES:=`nproc --all`} threads"
echo "running compilation on $CORES threads"
while test -n "$1" while test -n "$1"
do do
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