Commit 0f681c51 authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins

submodules: update nightly branch

parent 81b4773e
client-android @ bd87af88
Subproject commit 7dcc549c087a6f85220de79369375c6b26ffeabf
Subproject commit bd87af883dc80e35677aa15979247e8d2eb52fbc
client-gnome @ 0b7dd069
Subproject commit e20171fed4e4daf0ff2b8c42704a55df59c9921f
Subproject commit 0b7dd069518bb896724b3d322719af76daa60ceb
daemon @ 3a0ce1ea
Subproject commit b16d07cdb8bcbd40ee2e06837fa4989d83082049
Subproject commit 3a0ce1eababb5e928975826c6b411caf8685caae
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