Commit 38839298 authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins

submodules: update nightly branch

parent 5a94f17a
client-android @ 120c0c0a
Subproject commit 2dc25de808445935396bb2305a436698b6d5b399
Subproject commit 120c0c0aa458add53947d7ca9b9d5f27cacdf474
client-gnome @ b34e0954
Subproject commit 905357ad560c0a4f839e71f63c142e445e0d4149
Subproject commit b34e0954528305725e419103b63bf3d76fdf0ef3
daemon @ 79ee4a52
Subproject commit 84cf2b44deab211d3b16348ff42f9d4577ae228c
Subproject commit 79ee4a52bbffddf39d0ea1f98fa29c8844ddb517
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