Commit 42003488 authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins

submodules: update nightly branch

parent 478d5e76
client-android @ 7146ebb1
Subproject commit 2bec17bb57ecd326f7e6d736180ad674f60048e3
Subproject commit 7146ebb1c800a0491b56307d149d89152ba6ce02
client-gnome @ 2f4e9872
Subproject commit 5a4989cf75a40d30fbdf253170306c1ddb281ea5
Subproject commit 2f4e9872b1dda1929441026c0ab0fcacd649c210
daemon @ cea2ad8d
Subproject commit 3b14731deb5413eba942e6ea3e6f78ab65e51ccd
Subproject commit cea2ad8d515a59c0cfa15c3787bebc66f9a569e2
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