Commit 4c70d84c authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins

submodules: update nightly branch

parents 42003488 350f7a55
client-android @ 50d5414f
Subproject commit 7146ebb1c800a0491b56307d149d89152ba6ce02
Subproject commit 50d5414f2c642b657c27fdffce3cae51ddf88b9a
daemon @ 9c26f7b5
Subproject commit cea2ad8d515a59c0cfa15c3787bebc66f9a569e2
Subproject commit 9c26f7b560df4e97b173097cbc3a06c6fc40afca
FROM gentoo/stage3-amd64:latest
RUN emerge-webrsync
ADD scripts/gentoo/portage/ /etc/portage/
# profile with gnome and systemd configuration
RUN eselect profile set 5 && \
emerge -uDN world
RUN eselect news read
RUN emerge layman && echo "source /var/lib/layman/make.conf" >> /etc/portage/make.conf
ADD scripts/ /opt/
CMD /bin/bash /opt/
......@@ -395,12 +395,6 @@ def run_generate_all(parsed_args):
"output_file": ".packages-built",
"options": "--security-opt seccomp=./docker/profile-seccomp-fedora_28.json --privileged"
# Gentoo
"distribution": "gentoo",
"debian_packaging_override": "",
"output_file": ".packages-built",
# Snap
"distribution": "snap",
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