Commit 4cdb79dd authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins

submodules: update nightly branch

parent c51f0959
client-android @ b7816247
Subproject commit 9a3f4536d0b2adeb85e56eb8976c3b06d16ec222
Subproject commit b78162478b7a3fca081f8d1df5bc3667fdaa02d2
client-gnome @ 9bada8a4
Subproject commit ae820b59cc9e1c5075474d4700a4fa0fab2635a0
Subproject commit 9bada8a43cf9fec860da2b2b2d2fc8d242220e33
daemon @ d265e691
Subproject commit 8ee065638e4e5222297dba1048aefa591da97069
Subproject commit d265e691dbd5250731451402ec42c1193a2b2c70
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