Commit 5e100436 authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins

submodules: update nightly branch

parent 409973ec
client-android @ 740bdfae
Subproject commit a3a9f4c6a2bca9aced09ab3b4cd53c18462ad840
Subproject commit 740bdfaed107449b92385e859eae57a146dec6ed
client-gnome @ 74b85c04
Subproject commit 218689a0aa6464a8cebbf6121a0cb9c0fb822838
Subproject commit 74b85c042533df6b450843118bbcf25f81d1c00d
daemon @ d291f796
Subproject commit 5674423f362e8f1ef0b698d3bf9f965cf8e17e23
Subproject commit d291f7960dd08bc120294f4ee754be5fbc68cc14
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