Commit 83248077 authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins

submodules: update nightly branch

parent 03d1502c
client-android @ 06f021e2
Subproject commit db060b378a4aca63aa57be38937fda0eef64bd1a
Subproject commit 06f021e2b954439b164c789d717e5c27ae194c34
client-gnome @ 85f1eada
Subproject commit 5d8c5099f456a393bd00190477525deec09025a3
Subproject commit 85f1eada83083cc8532652e0854b039750fc994e
daemon @ 1689ace9
Subproject commit 36764836f65bc75b6e5923bd2390e5b5514fb9d1
Subproject commit 1689ace9c2f39b640cb4930231e0ab36f4bcb935
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