Commit e3fbe84b authored by Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud

android: add swarms

Change-Id: I26b77b41d50207ba460e9cfad7cea604a8577ee7
parent 16c581b4
client-android @ 15179210
Subproject commit 59c28d04ca079bf7bb7b9b39b273248901301f2f
Subproject commit 1517921058b45b57da0987e17f431287cf401891
daemon @ 97c6a827
Subproject commit 36c6d857289199c6ace3d6e1f6995e25cdcb4b8d
Subproject commit 97c6a827d48461d7bf0e4d7c386bfa2b3b4e757d
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