1. 28 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      win32: fix build on Fedora >26 · eb9e32a9
      Anthony Léonard authored
      Default QMake configuration in mingw packages has changed since
      Fedora 26 and some modifications are required in order to make the
      ring client able to compile on it:
       - Change QMake spec from "win32-g++" to "mingw-w64-g++" which links
         with libqt5main.dll instead of the wrong libqtmain.dll.
      With this patch, the client shouldn't be able to compile anymore on
      Fedora <26. The corresponding patch in "client-windows" is also
      required as parts of the fix include modifications of the project
      Change-Id: I7c8c6ac028c1bccc824691e8974a93569fb6bb9c
      Reviewed-by: default avatarOlivier Soldano <olivier.soldano@savoirfairelinux.com>
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      modify windows compilation script · 0a06ca6f
      Olivier SOLDANO authored
      the script used to cross compile windows legacy clients had two
          - some dirs were not parametric,
          - it was used for compilation checking on our CI infra.
      this patch makes the dirs parametric, and provides another script
      that builds the client with bare minimum for checking; e.g. not
      building the daemon and contrib to save time.
      Change-Id: Idd0d9ebbfcd15b0caf72e09d4ddb3841de9c3d42
      Reviewed-by: default avatarAnthony Léonard <anthony.leonard@savoirfairelinux.com>
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