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    packaging: adds debian 10 and raspbian arm · b20faf61
    Fredy Pulido authored
    * Debian 9 armhf
    * Debian 9 arm64
    * Debian 10 armhf
    * Debian 10 arm64
    * Raspbian 10 armhf
    * The One Click Install (oci) version for all this items
    This commit also fix the --generate option in the generated makefile by
    scripts/make-packaging-target.py and remove the --architecture option
    there because was not used at any part of the script.
    Because our builder docker can not docker build with ARM we implemented
    a workaround called dirty qemu-static is documented and we have a issue
    to sovle it.
    The pipeline for packaging-deploy-gnulinux-generic got changed to add
    the support for the ARM architecture but the OCI build is not enabled
    because the build including the oci takes long (5 hours or plus).
    Warning: require companion changes in daemon (topic debian-arm)
    to ensure the right compilation flags
    Change-Id: I905bbd4660824670d7de836129886f3d7f1dc83b
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