Commit ac5e02a5 authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins

submodules: update nightly branch

parent 04fcd5ee
client-android @ d3a445b2
Subproject commit 3d7f75c02ee161a4e578064cdc412755eeebadd7
Subproject commit d3a445b290d0ac806625a5ff2e73504e9fd6074a
client-gnome @ 6363322c
Subproject commit ad93685b441368219806e0dda893f60e4c56c7a5
Subproject commit 6363322c0ec7c75f11958346f41736f44033d710
daemon @ 69be4789
Subproject commit 622ae14dd11c036b43e10d7c48cff4f36223440a
Subproject commit 69be4789d83411d633e542c65ce0027f7cba090b
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