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    packaging: rhel8 needs json-cpp and up-to-date gnutls · 81656f6e
    Hussein Abdallah authored
    add BuildRequires jsoncpp-devel to the spec files, otherwise
    buliding RPM packages for RHEL 8 fails with this message
    contrib/x86_64-redhat-linux checking for Jsoncpp... yes
    checking for ZLIB... yes checking for PJPROJECT... no
    configure: error: Missing pjproject files error: Bad exit status ...
    Add '.gnutls' after 'make -j4 V=1 .ffmpeg' in the spec file
    if we don't compile GnuTLS Jami is unable to establish p2p communication
    Error message in dring when using RHEL8's GnuTLS version 3.6.8
    [TLS] handshake failed: An error has been detected in the library and cannot
    continue operations.
    Change-Id: Ic8c500eaa286d66f251588f8052267d0bfc3240f
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