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Labels can be applied to issues, merge requests, and epics. Group labels are available for any project within the group.


  • An issue related to transforming code into the application, such as library issues that cause builds to break, library updates, or code that fails to compile.
  • An issue related to a general audio or video call functionality.
  • An issue related to the conversational interface for writing, sending, receiving, and viewing messages.
  • An issue related to Jenkins and our continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) processes such as automated builds, tests, and deployments. Issues tagged with this label may involve configuring pipelines, troubleshooting build failures, optimizing testing processes, or managing release versions.
  • An issue related to unclear code segments, code efficiency, including organization, naming conventions and readability improvements, or overall code quality improvements.
  • An issue related to network connectivity problems and difficulties in establishing or maintaining connections between devices such as call lags, drops, users' online presence, message send/receive issues, conversation instability, and disruptions due to network changes. These issues are crucial to address.
  • An issue related to managing contacts, such as searching, inviting, accepting, blocking, and deleting contacts.
  • An issue related to creating, or updating Jami's documentation.
  • A ticket determined to be a duplicate of another issue already submitted to GitLab. When applying this label, be sure to mention the link to the original ticket in the duplicate ticket, merge the relevant details into the original ticket to avoid redundancy, and close the duplicate ticket.
  • An issue related to the file sharing and display functionality.
  • An issue suitable for interns or new developers. These are simple tasks designed to help new contributors get started.
  • An issue for which external contributions are needed. Use it to ask for help from the community or the development team.
  • An issue related to internationalization (i18n) efforts within the application and website. The goal of internationalization is to support a diverse user base by making Jami accessible, and adaptable to different languages. Tasks may include editing incorrect translations, extracting translatable text strings, character support, right-to-left (RTL) rendering issues, as well as coordinating translation efforts on Transifex.
  • A ticket that is not deemed valid due to insufficient information, unclear scenarios, or unclear explanations of the issue.
  • An issue involving both JAMS and clients (Android, iOS, Qt). Do not use this label for an issue about JAMS alone; move it to the jami-jams folder.
  • An issue related to an audio, video, or screen sharing functionality.
  • The ticket serves as an overview to link all bugs and feature requests that are currently pending for a global product feature.
  • A bug occurs sporadically and is not consistently reproducible.
  • A bug that cannot be reliably reproduced in our environment by following the given steps (scenario).
  • A bug that can be reliably reproduced in our environment by following the given steps (scenario). Such bugs are prioritized as they allow for efficient identification and correction, leading to faster resolutions.