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    conversations: implement message grouping · d350c48e
    Andreas Traczyk authored
    - Calculates the grouping property of each message, determining
      whether it's first, middle, or last within a sequence either
      sent or received.
    - Adjusts the top and bottom constraints for each message bubble
      according to its sequencing.
    - Fixes the scroll-to-bottom feature by updating the bottoOffset
      value before conditionally scrolling, removing the scroll
      animation, and only scrolling down when the user is near the
      end of the chat.
    - Applies a message bubble grouping style, adjusts line spacing
      of the content, and decouples the theming of the message
      bubble and text colors.
    Change-Id: I9118c2bbca0433573c877450c73bd6dc5c9229a0
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