Commit 4a06565e authored by Albert  Babí Oller's avatar Albert Babí Oller Committed by Albert Babí Oller

misc: initialize LRCInstance before rising connection error

- in order to start the daemon, LRCInstance has to be initializated before rising the error and displaying the popup.

Gitlab: #245

Change-Id: I4a6cd4f38f5c93f65bc157e7d2ffff7f16e6aff8
parent 11b62fd1
......@@ -156,6 +156,8 @@ MainApplication::init()
initLrc(results[opts::UPDATEURL].toString(), connectivityMonitor_);
#ifdef Q_OS_UNIX
auto dBusErrorHandlerQObject = dynamic_cast<QObject*>(&GlobalInstances::dBusErrorHandler());
......@@ -183,7 +185,6 @@ MainApplication::init()
initLrc(results[opts::UPDATEURL].toString(), connectivityMonitor_);
connect(connectivityMonitor_, &ConnectivityMonitor::connectivityChanged, [] {
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