Commit a677161a authored by atraczyk's avatar atraczyk Committed by Andreas Traczyk
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fix: fixes CTD when suspending the app during a call

- Termination of an application upon suspension is a function
  of available system resources, and my occur during desktop
  change or minimization of the app while in a call. This patch
  removes the actions of the app suspension event handler such as
  hanging up any remaining calls. With this patch applied, abrupt
  termination of the program during a call, will result in a
  hanging call in the peer's client.

Change-Id: Id8c0e6764eb514a39f2c2ca67404ccdc9a765905
Tuleap: #790
parent 325b12cc
...@@ -267,12 +267,12 @@ void RingClientUWP::MainPage::OnstateChange(Platform::String ^callId, RingClient ...@@ -267,12 +267,12 @@ void RingClientUWP::MainPage::OnstateChange(Platform::String ^callId, RingClient
void void
MainPage::Application_Suspending(Object^, Windows::ApplicationModel::SuspendingEventArgs^ e) MainPage::Application_Suspending(Object^, Windows::ApplicationModel::SuspendingEventArgs^ e)
{ {
MSG_("Application_Suspending"); /*MSG_("Application_Suspending");
auto deferral = e->SuspendingOperation->GetDeferral(); auto deferral = e->SuspendingOperation->GetDeferral();
Video::VideoManager::instance->captureManager()->CleanupCameraAsync(); Video::VideoManager::instance->captureManager()->CleanupCameraAsync();
MSG_("Hang up calls..."); MSG_("Hang up calls...");
RingD::instance->deinit(); RingD::instance->deinit();
deferral->Complete(); deferral->Complete();*/
} }
void void
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