Commit 9c9d46b4 authored by Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk
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fix crash during incoming call and in settings

Change-Id: Ifad1befa716beb165deff95908899553095e0925
parent 00febbae
......@@ -485,9 +485,8 @@ CallWidget::showConversationView()
CallWidget::selectSmartlistItem(const std::string & convUid)
if (convUid.empty()) {
if (convUid.empty() || !ui->smartList->selectionModel())
ui->smartList->selectionModel()->setCurrentIndex(QModelIndex(), QItemSelectionModel::Deselect);
auto convModel = LRCInstance::getCurrentConversationModel();
auto conversation = Utils::getConversationFromUid(convUid, *convModel);
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