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    ice: decouple instantiation and initialization of ICE transport · 2a676123
    Mohamed Chibani authored and Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin committed
    Instantiation and initialization of ICE are done in a single
    stage (in the class constructor).
    To initialize the ICE instance, connection information must
    first be gathered asynchronously.
    However, when sharing ICE media instance between subcalls,
    it's better to have a valid ICE instance as soon as possible
    (even if not fully initialized) to proceed with the call
    initialization process, then wait for ICE initialization to start
    the call.
    Thus, the ICE instantiation will be performed synchronously as
    soon as the parent (main) call is created, then it will be
    initialized asynchronously when the connection info are ready.
    Gitlab: #619
    Change-Id: I9c97516238f1a690603975ec968c8c6733155d4a