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    daemon: Install dring to libexec and edit templates at install time. · 2afa99fd
    Maxim Cournoyer authored
    Executables are typically installed under bin/, sbin/ or libexec,
    rather than lib/.  The problem was noticed when trying to use Jami
    with a Guix relocatable pack, which only wraps executables found under
    the above locations.  Since dring is a daemon and should not be run
    directly by users under normal circumstances, the convention is to use
    the libexec directory, according to the File Hierchy Standard 3.0.
    Also tackled in this change is the substitution of the Autoconf
    variables at installation time rather than configuration time, as per
    the GNU Coding Standards.  The following solution is taken from, which in turn is
    adapted from the Autoconf manual (c.f.: info "(autoconf)Installation
    Directory Variables").
    * bin/ (ringlibdir): Delete variable.
    * bin/dbus/ (do_subst): New variable.
    (cx.ring.Ring.service): Derive from the
    [HAVE_WIN32]: (ringlib_PROGRAMS): Rename to ...
    (bin_PROGRAMS): ... this.
    [HAVE_OSX, RING_DBUS]: Likewise.
    * bin/dbus/ (Exec): Adust.
    * (ringlibdir): Delete variable.
    * [with_dbus] <AC_CONFIG_FILES>: Remove
    bin/dbus/cx.ring.Ring.service.  Also remove the LIBDIR variable, no
    longer used.  Fix indentation.
    Thanks to Vladimir Stoiakin for providing feedback on this change.
    Change-Id: I845bf2bd590a9457e70ca173027217b8f164d713