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    build: Fix some GCC5.1 warnings · 4e85791e
    Emmanuel Lepage Vallee authored
    Not all warnings have been enabled, only the most
    useful ones. This fix some outstanding issues and
    try to mute most deprecated warnings in dependencies
    * Add missing "defined()" macro function
    * Undefine an improper macro
    * Disable warnings for legacy code include
    * Add missing cases for enum classes based switch
    * Add a warning for potentially dangerous code
    * Change ICE "onRecv()" prototype to return void
    * Fix an apparently accidental virtual override signature problem
    * Change a std::basic_string constructor to avoid ambiguity
    Refs #74147
    Change-Id: I1361fc5d16c63fd7590f8d68ffdb0e2588a8b635