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    ALSA: capture and playback (Unix Read/Write) - READ COMMENTS · aaded786
    Emmanuel Milou authored
    Not implemented yet: ringtones, dtmf
    #### Recommended play devices names (alsa-project.org)
    #### http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/DeviceNames
    Device: #default --> capture : too much noise
    		     playback : glitchs
    	#plug:front  -->  playback almost perfect
    		         capture :bad audio (noise noise noise !!!)
     		         dmix not enabled
     	#plug:rear  -->  doesn't exist on my sound card (Error: unknown PCM device)
    	#plug:center_lfe --> idem
    	#plug:side  --> idem
    If there is multiple sound cards on your system, you can select the one you prefer like that:
      plug:front:0 select the card 0, 0 refers to the number in /proc/asound/cards.
      plug:front:Intel with the name of the card
    My /proc/asound/cards:
    0 [Intel          ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel
                          HDA Intel at 0xfdff4000 irq 23
    ##### Device names not recommmended (alsa-project.org)
    These devices maps directly to the driver devices and doesn't handle an abstraction
    	plughw -->  playback almost perfect
    		    capture : noise plus weird behaviour
                        dmix not enabled
            hw  -->     playback : not audible ( maybe no resampling ?? no format conversion ??)
    		    capture : XRUN mode
    	            dmix not enabled