Commit 0d2a642a authored by Alexandre Savard's avatar Alexandre Savard
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[#3122] Missing delete when removing ring buffer

parent 4b28e1d4
......@@ -146,13 +146,14 @@ bool MainBuffer::removeRingBuffer (CallID call_id)
if (ring_buffer != NULL) {
if (_ringBufferMap.erase (call_id) != 0) {
delete ring_buffer;
return true;
} else {
_debug ("removeRingBuffer error while deleting ringbuffer %s!", call_id.c_str());
_error ("BufferManager: Error: Fail to delete ringbuffer %s!", call_id.c_str());
return false;
} else {
_debug ("removeRingBuffer error ringbuffer %s does not exist!", call_id.c_str());
_debug ("BufferManager: Error: Ringbuffer %s does not exist!", call_id.c_str());
return true;
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