Commit 0f33f629 authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews
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* #28351: sdes_negotiator: use range-based for loops

parent cf120f99
......@@ -478,9 +478,8 @@ SipTransport::getSTUNAddresses(const SIPAccount &account,
&serverName, port, &serverName, port, &result[0]) != PJ_SUCCESS)
throw std::runtime_error("Can't contact STUN server");
for (std::vector<pj_sockaddr_in>::const_iterator it = result.begin();
it != result.end(); ++it)
WARN("STUN PORTS: %ld", pj_ntohs(it->sin_port));
for (const auto & it : result)
WARN("STUN PORTS: %ld", pj_ntohs(it.sin_port));
return result;
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